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Kefir, Buchi Ginger and Galangal Water - 500mL


Our Buchi comes straight from the oak barrel we brew her in. She is 100% Organic, 100% Raw, 100% Delicious, wildly fermented, full-bodied, and packed full of digestive acids and enzymes, with nothing added. Buchi Water Kefir (or tibicos) is the real deal - cultured with water kefir crystals (also called grains) which convert water, nutrients and natural sugars into this beneficial gut-friendly, probiotic. Deliciously tangy and refreshing, our water kefir is packed with nutrients, vitamins and microorganism to stimulate digestion and energise the mind.Ginger & Galangal Water Kefir is punchy with a little kick. Locally sourced ginger root boosts immunity and reduces fatigue. Fermentation magnifies these qualities giving you a drink that truly rebuilds the body. Ingredients:100% Buchi’s organic raw kefir*, dried organic apricots, organic apple, organic ginger & organic galangal.

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Type: Fridge

Vendor: Buchi

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