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Kombucha, Ginger Turmeric - 375mL


The Ginger and Turmeric kombucha hits the mark if you are looking for something punchy and with a little kick. It’s still our best seller. Locally sourced ginger root and turmeric from the Sunshine Coast boosts immunity and reduces fatigue and nausea. And the wonders of turmeric are too long to mention - with its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant properties, this drink will sort out an achy body or stiff joints. Combined with our living kombucha cultures you have a drink that rebuilds the body.Unfortunately we are no longer doing bottle returns.

The whole box contains 16 cans.

Ingredients: 100% Buchi’s Organic Raw Kombucha*, organic ginger, organic turmeric and 100% pure love!Please keep refrigerated o ensure additional fermentation does not raise the alcohol content above the leglislated 0.5%

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Type: Fridge

Vendor: Buchi

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