August 26, 2021


The strawberry industry has been hit hard lately with a serious drop in sales and prices. Lockdowns have meant lower demand both from the restaurants and cafes they usually rely on and general customers. 

As a result, growers are being forced to accept lower prices for a season's hard work - in many places, less than what it cost them to grow and harvest the berries in the first place - or worse, having to dump them altogether. Read more from ABC.

At Food Connect we aim to protect farmers from situations and market forces like this, always paying our growers the fair and true cost of production.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite ways to cook with strawberries and hope you are inspired to purchase some and use them in your recipes this week and next! 

Think Pancakes, Milkshakes, Jelly, Tarts, Choc Dipped, Cakes and Savoury Salads! We’d also love to hear from you too! What are your favourite ways to cook with strawberries?


Strawberries and Cream Cheesecake Jars - these are a really cute way to offer up a favourite dessert in mini size and beautiful glass (you could try jam jars)! Take them to work for a luxe snack break or on a family picnic this weekend!

Strawberry Rhubarb Hemp Bites - strawberries go so well with rhubarb (which is in stock now!) and you gotta love a healthy breakfast biscuit that's a great start to the day after some exercise! Keep them in a tupperware container and take them for the ride to work or after a swim! Hemp seeds are high in protein so will keep you nice and full!

Easy Homemade Strawberry Jelly - a true celebration of strawberries, you really don't need much to bring out that special sweetness! The kids will love these after dinner or have them ready for a fruity snack come TV time.

Choc-dipped Strawberries - these are so beautiful and fun to make! Choose your choice of chocolate to melt down and get creative with nuts and other elements for decoration. Serve them to your sweetheart or at your next dinner party!

Strawberry Chocolate Cake - a decadent combination, this recipe makes a lovely gooey cake that'll be a hit at any afternoon tea!

Strawberry Vanilla Pancakes - what makes a breakfast more special than some homemade fluffy strawberry pancakes. Top with cream and extra strawbs to go the extra mile!

Strawberry Milkshake - this shake is pretty, pink and delicious!


Strawberry Red Onion Salad - tangy and fresh this is great way to highlight strawberries in a savoury way with lots of leafy greens and some added crunch from the pine nuts!

Strawberry Feta Salad - feta cheese gives a salty kick to balance the tart sweetness of the strawberries and a french style vinaigrette adds subtle sophistication! 

Strawberry Chilli Relish - this relish has a spicy tangy kick! Serve it with grilled or roasted meat!

Barbecued Strawberry Chicken - a sweet and salty chicken dish that'll impress your friends and family!

Happy cooking! And please support strawberry farmers!

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