6 recipes to change your mind about choko

May 19, 2022

6 recipes to change your mind about choko

Choko (also known as chayote or mango squash) is a delicious, versatile vegetable that deserves far more credit than lots of us (and our parents cooking repertoires) have given it.

Native to Central America but widely embraced in South East Asia, this mild gourd lends itself to a variety of cuisines, flavours and easy midweek dishes - simply boiling them (or soaking in pineapple juice to make 'mock pears') is doing chokos a disservice!

Here are 6 non-boring ways to try this cheap-as-chips bundle of nutrients!

Stir-fried choko with beef and garlic (trai su xao thit bo)

Chokos are popular throughout Vietnam! It beautifully soaks up the vibrant flavours of this stir fry (which can be made vegetarian - just skip or substitute the beef and fish sauce)

Stuffed baked chokos

Because everything is good with melted cheese. 

Simply slice in half, deseed, boil until tender (15min), fill with cheese, bacon and chopped tomato, bake on low-medium for 20min.


 Choko MoMo

Fun to say, make and eat! These dumplings are a regional speciality in Eastern Nepal. They use grated choko (known as 'iskus' in Nepali), onion, spices and either homemade or store-bought dumpling wrappers. A great one to get the kids involved in!

Choko salad

Yep, you can eat them raw! This recipe includes seasonal apples for extra sweetness and crunch. Use in place of slaw for something a little lighter! 

Creamy choko gratin

This Caribbean treat blends the choko into an indulgent bechamel for a different take on potato bake/gratin. You could even put it in small bowls or glasses for a fancy starter (chokos for parties - who'da thunkit?)

Choko pickles

It wouldn't be a choko recipe round-up without this retro Aussie classic! This recipe has been adapted from a method shared in newspapers as far back as 1923, but it's an enduring favourite for a reason. 


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