4 ways to use yacon

May 19, 2022

4 ways to use yacon


Yacon - looks like a potato, tastes like a pear, grows like a Jerusalem artichoke and can be used in more ways than you can poke a stick at. Here are a couple to get you started!

Yacon, kale and citrus salad

Raw is the most popular way to eat yacon, and for good reason. This salad makes the most of its crunchy, juicy deliciousness alongside some other produce at their best this time of year - citrus and leafy kale.

Yacon syrup

Since yacon's sweetness comes from inulin - a carbohydrate we can taste but not digest - many use it to make a natural sweetener with much lower calories and glycemic-index than sugar. It's also packed with vitamins, and you can take it a few steps further to make chocolate sauce.

Roasted yacon with chilli & feta

Hearty winter salad or side with chunks of sweet roasted yacon, salty feta and a tangy lime dressing.


Yacon Thai soup

Sweetness of the yacon made even creamier with coconut milk, and balanced with your favourite Thai aromatics.


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