17 recipes to use up Christmas leftovers and prevent food waste

December 27, 2021 1 Comment

17 recipes to use up Christmas leftovers and prevent food waste

Christmas has come and gone for another year, and a few of us may have over-catered in all of the excitement. Sick of ham and eggs for brekkie every day? Need to clear space in the fridge? Some of your lovingly bought local produce started to look a little sad? No sweat!

To help you (crucially) prevent food waste, (joyfully) extend the festivities and maybe even give yourself a headstart on the new year, we've compiled 17 delicious recipes to help you get through those leftovers. If you've got a favourite go-to of your own, let us know!

For your Piggy In the Middle ham

  • Ham and potato cakes with rocket pesto
    The recipe includes instructions for cooking and roughly mashing the spuds, but could work with leftover mash too. Sub with pesto or sauce of your choosing. 
  • Leftover ham fried rice
    Adds a new flavour profile if you're crying out for variety after a few days of tradition, and also works to clear up any veg or excess eggs in the fridge.
  • Ham terrine 
    Entertaining (or just want something special) for New Year's Eve? Shred your leftover ham and give it new, fancy life as a home-made terrine on your charcuterie board
  • Jamie Oliver's Christmas carbonara
    Or carbonara recipe of your choice, if you're a traditionalist likely to be offended by Jamie's approach! Just sub out the pancetta/guanciale for leftover ham.


  • Refried roasties
    Make the most of your leftover roast spuds (or pumpkin), no sogginess in sight.
  • Ham and potato soup
    Two birds, one stone. AND it freezes well. Your back-at-work self will thank you later.
  • Potato pancakes
    Great for lazy day-off breakfasts with eggs, mushrooms or your chutney of choice.

Other veg

  • Gluten-free curried veg pie
    Get a few more meals out of those root vegetables and a bit of spice. Can also be made with gluten - up to you!
  • Leftover greens, seeds and cheese tart
    Time to start bringing the greens back in! This recipe calls for spinach, but you can use any leafy veg!
  • Spiced veggie rice
    Uses up both root and green veg - double win! Jamie serves it with eggs for brekkie, but would also make a nourishing lunch, so whack some in the freezer,


  • Breakfast panzella
    A morning-friendly take on the classic bread salad. Yum!
  • Bread pudding
    Bonus: gives you a way to use up any remaining mixed dried fruit that's taking up space in the pantry but wouldn't otherwise get a workout until next Christmas. 
  • Build Your Own Bruschetta dinner
    Like taco night, but clears out your fridge/bread box/antipasto collection! Great for entertaining or something a little lighter after a few big meals. Use this 'recipe' as a guide only - what else could you put on yours?


  • Baked potato skins with brie
    Another 2-for-1! A few recipes like this one were doing the rounds for Christmas starters, but will also be fab for summer parties or using up what wasn't devoured from your festive cheese boards.
  • Cheese scraps pasta bake
    Flexible recipe using 650g of whatever you've got! The kids (or you, after a few too many on New Year's Eve) will love you for it.
  • Brie-stuffed chicken breasts
    Making an otherwise 'back-to-normal' meal a little more indulgent.
  • Brie, apple and onion tart
    Perfect hit of sweet and savoury. DIY the pastry if you're looking for a more extended rainy summer baking activity. Other soft cheeses also work!

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Piggy in the Middle

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