Week 29 - 🍊 Hickson Mandarins | Rhubarb | Mixed Yoghurts 🍊

July 09, 2020

Week 29 - 🍊 Hickson Mandarins | Rhubarb | Mixed Yoghurts 🍊

Happy News from Gayndah's Big Orange
As Imperial Mandys are coming to the end of their season, we welcome in the hearty Hickson Mandarin - this variety is easy to peel, super juicy and has a deeper orange colour.

  Neil & Tanya say a big hello to you all. They would like to  share that last weekend at Gayndah's Big Orange Cafe was  their biggest and busiest, surpassing their usual sales during  the Orange Festival (May 1st-3rd) in previous years.
 This is such heart warming news!

Lunchbox Ideas
We have updated our website on our shop page to include the category Lunchbox Ideas.  This has all the delicious goodies that will help with the daily inspiration of making lunches and after school snacks.  We highly recommend the Lunchbox Mandys, you may notice some specials included in this category too.

For this week we have Mixed Box Yoghurts on special, they are a 12 pack of 200g yoghurts with 4 different flavours!  We'd love to know which is your favourite flavour.
Tart and tangy rhubarb will also be on special this week and we highly recommend the comforting dessert of stewed rhubarb floating in a bed of warm, vanilla custard.
To celebrate Neil and Tanya's bumper weekend, we have their Hicksons on special and because we get such great feedback from Russell and Janice Clark's beans they have also been included.

Up & Coming
Looking forward, we will be bringing Ian and Bev Mckinnon's Wombok cabbage and for those who are keen enjoyers of Phil Dunlop's 3kg Honey, that is looking to be back by late August.

Have an enjoyable weekend!
The Food Connect team