Stronger Together

March 24, 2020

Stronger Together

Dear Food Connectors,

Help us to help you... We’re stronger together.

We're determined to get fresh food to as many loyal customers as we can during this difficult time – and there's a few things we need you know.

It's been a big week for the team. The increase in orders means we've got a whole lot of new customers - welcome!  It also meant we had to pull Jeff and Doogs off the warehouse maintenance crew at the Shed and onto the packing line, while the team went into fast recruitment mode for more packers and drivers.

We've had drought, bushfires and now a pandemic affecting prices. Due to the huge demand this week (200% increase in sales!), and a likely further increase next week, here's a few items to note:

  • You'll notice that we've streamlined our boxes, and we seek your understanding that no substitutions will be allowed on boxes until things settle down
  • Where items are not available, we’ll make sure you receive a suitable substitute
  • Prices on all products lines are going up by 15% across the board
  • The minimum order value to qualify for free home delivery is now $125 per order, and
  • Home delivery charges have increased from $8 to $10 per delivery.

As most of our regular customers know, Food Connect has not put prices up for over three years! This is because we’re a social enterprise that aims to solve the conundrum of paying farmers fairly whilst keeping the prices affordable.

After the craziness of this week, I know the only way through C-19 is to be kind, look after each other, respect people’s need to physically distance, and together we'll be stronger.

Robert Pekin,
CiEiO, and the whole Food Connect Team!