Finding that extra gear

March 20, 2020

Finding that extra gear

Hi Friends of Food Connect,

WOW!!! To say that was a busy week is like Noah saying, “It looks like rain”. 

EVERYONE here found an extra gear this week and we managed to keep all you lovely people happy…I hope…

But…and it’s quite a big BUT

If the rate of demand continues next week, we need your help with some “ground rules”…

  • We will, as we always do, try to fill your order exactly as you want…but
  • If we can’t and we don’t have, or have enough of, your preferred substitutes in the boxes, then we will provide what we can to the same value
  • We will not be able to provide credits if you don’t like what we’ve used as substitutes
  • Our drivers are working flat out and we’re hiring an extra van and driver this coming week – but they aren’t Super Heroes (well…they are but not literally) so if we’re a little behind with our deliveries, please be patient.
  • We will try to notify you if there’s a delay – but the Office Team are also flat out – so please don’t shoot messengers or deliverers!
  • Our wonderful City Cousins have offered to help with delivering to anyone who is self-isolating – but they can’t all do that, so if you can make to them, please try to do that.
  • And if anyone can make it into Salisbury to collect then a) that would be FABULOUS and a BIG help and b) it would be lovely to see you!

Speaking of lovely to see you – I think we need to try and smile a wee bit more in these difficult times – there are far too many people walking around with a face like a slapped arse.

So here’s a cartoon below that gave me a smile and hope it will you as well AND if you have ANY funny stories, anecdotes or favourite jokes you’d like to share then we’d be very happy to share them around as well… 

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and we look forward to helping you eat healthily and wisely again next week.

Keep smiling – it makes people nervous!

And remember…


Robert Pekin, CiEiO, and the whole Food Connect Team!