Simplifying life

March 18, 2020

Simplifying life

Dear, dear Friends of Food Connect 

THANK YOU so much for the outpouring of love that followed our last email-posting on Monday – you will never know how grateful we are to know how much our efforts are appreciated!

Yes, we are a Social Enterprise but our primary focus is on our community of farmers and eaters through these challenging times

We will be significantly increasing our social media presence over the duration of this crisis and will try to keep you all updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – the situation is SO fluid that we need to respond almost daily and, therefore, need to keep you up-to-date as well

(And, please, if there are friends, neighbours and relatives that you feel will benefit from what we’re trying to do, feel very free to like, love AND share any or all of our posts – they are sent to you, but are really for the whole community’s benefit!) 

“So what’s happened since Monday, Rob?” – I’m glad you asked :) ! 

We’ve seen a very significant increase in demand for our delicious local fruit and vegetables. Now as an “Enterprise” this is very gratifying but as a “Social Enterprise” it has presented us with some problems – not least of which is trying to make sure we can feed as many people as possible with some lines potentially being limited. 

So, with that in mind, we have decided to simplify the number of box variations that we offer.

The Gourmet Box, The Unruly Box and the Mini Box with The Lot have been withdrawn and all customers who have ordered those for next week’s deliveries will be offered alternative boxes. The good news is we have deliciously curated  Small Veg Box, Large Veg Box, Basic Box, Mini Box and Fruit Box for you to choose from. 

The idea behind this it to make sure that our supplies can benefit as many people as possible whilst focusing on providing the staples that all of us need. This is going to the core of our purpose of having solidarity with our farmers!

Rather than deluge with information today that could change again by tomorrow, we will continue to update on even small things as we continue to adapt, as only small, local businesses can, to the ever-changing circumstances.

Keep calm and stay safe!

And remember…


Robert Pekin, CEO, and the whole Food Connect Team!