Greater Brisbane Lockdown - Deliveries as usual!

March 30, 2021

Greater Brisbane Lockdown - Deliveries as usual!

Hi Food Connectors,

As we begin the 3-day lockdown in Greater Brisbane, we wanted to let you know that your orders are going ahead as usual! Some important information:

Socially distanced deliveries
  • Our drivers will be resuming the drop-and-knock contactless deliveries we've become familiar with over the last year! If you've got boxes to be returned, please leave them where the drivers can easily grab them without touching too many surfaces.
  • If you're picking up, please be mindful of your City Cousin's space, avoid touching other customers' boxes where possible, consider wearing a mask and wash/sanitise your hands before and after.

Assistance for quarantined customers
As the number of locally acquired cases grow so do the number of venues/locations requiring other patrons to go into 14 day quarantine. If you usually pick up from a City Cousin but have been required to socially isolate, please let us know and we can arrange free home delivery this week. 

Other procedures
Back at HQ, our team have ramped up our already high hygiene standards, and will be working hard to ensure you all receive the fresh, immune-boosting goodness (and Easter treats!) you need this week.

Stay safe and healthy,
Food Connect team