March 16, 2020


Dear Friends of Food Connect

These are difficult and challenging times indeed and the only leadership that really matters is our own – how we choose to support those we love, our neighbours and our community in the coming weeks and months will be the true measure of us.

And, let’s be honest, if you do develop COVID-19, toilet rolls are not really going to help.

But, in the meantime, what you can do is to give your immune system a boost with fresh, healthy, local fruit and vegetables – if for no other reason than direct from the farm means less people handling and less risk of contamination. 

Internally at Food Connect we have raised our already high bar of hygiene even higher with all our packers and drivers wearing gloves, masks and undertaking hourly, compulsory hand washing.

Our hard-working Office Team are now on a rota of working from home – so if the phones rings a little longer than usual, please be patient.

We thought it was best to introduce a “Knock and Drop” policy for our drivers in order to assist with the social distancing that everyone is recommending. But where a delivery is being made to an old or infirm person, we are giving the drivers authority to use their own discretion.

But our Home Delivery service, along with our City Cousins does mean that you can stay away from the huge crowds at large shopping centres and especially the supermarkets!

Speaking of our Home Delivery service – if you find yourself having to self-isolate and can’t make it to your local City Cousin, then give us a call and we’ll deliver it to your home free of charge

When we focus on looking after each other, we realise what’s really important in life and that includes our local farmers who were already suffering from the effects of drought and bushfires before this latest crisis hit. 

And, of course, they and their picking teams are no more immune to this virus than you or I and that, coupled with the fact that the local / regional food system is taking up the slack from the lack of imported frozen and other produce, means we could have supply issues. But, as always, will do our very best to find suitable alternatives ……. It’s going to be a moving feast…so please be patient. 

And if your immune system isn’t boosted enough already, we’re putting a little free boosting surprise in each and every box this week! (but only while stocks last )

As a Social Enterprise it’s a core value of ours to help our local community – so if there’s anything else we can do to help, please feel very free to make some suggestions…

Stay healthy, practise social distancing for a while (everyone will still be there later!) and don’t just share the love around – share the loo rolls as well !



Robert Pekin, CiEiO, and whole Team at Food Connect