End of 'politics as usual'

May 23, 2022

End of 'politics as usual'

In the words of Emma-Kate's son, Darcy - "We can finally breathe in."

This week we're celebrating. As we write this the final tallies are still being counted, but the most important thing is already abundantly clear - people want change. Contrary to what the spin wanted us to believe, we want climate action, and we want true representation for our regions. As Rob said: "It signals the end of politics as usual, and a real turning point away from spin, fear and polarising debates to people seeing through it all and wanting real change. And probably most markedly, the flipping of power to women who give a s***."

The southern states are awash with independents truly standing for locals (and our future) rather than a party line, and here in SEQLD we've ushered in a record result for the Greens. Some of you might remember Emma-Kate running as the Greens candidate against Kevin Rudd in 2010, so to see the seat of Griffith turn green has been particularly emotional here.

What it means for our food system

We're not ones to rest on a win. This hasn't fixed all our problems, but it has created some pretty good conditions for getting to work on them. We've got politicians wanting climate action, and others who'll have to have their ears open a little wider from now on. The illusion that we were a bit nuts for wanting change? Shattered.

The stage is set to really act on and push for the fairer, healthier food system we need - one moving away from fossil fuels and destructive farming methods. Just before the election, Rob spoke to The Queenslander about the cycles of demand and gluts (like those prompting recent avocado dumpings in FNQ) and why Australia needs a national food strategy or plan if we're to survive more shocks like COVID, floods and political tensions (scan QR code below to read).

What can you do?

Our friends at the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance are getting ready to revise their Peoples Food Plan, a strategy to build diversity, resilience and fairness into our food supply chains. We (along with our customers and buyers groups) contributed to the original, and we can't wait to see what the new one - adjusted to and welcomed by the current political and societal climate - can do. You can have your say on the Plan - head to their website for more info. In the meantime, keep supporting us and your farmers (thank you!) and keep an eye on future initiatives from us with more actions you can take.