🍓🍊 Juicy Fruits and Snappy Snow Peas 🍊🍓

July 21, 2020

🍓🍊 Juicy Fruits and Snappy Snow Peas 🍊🍓

Orders are Open for Week 30

Welcome to week 30 (already!)

For all the Kale lovers we have both the Curly and Cavalo Nero on special this week and to go with it we have included the 1L Macintyre Brook Grove Olive Oil.  Kale chips anyone?
Juicy, sweet Valencia's have been put on ou
Specials List and Leavain's oh so good Middle Eastern Fruit Loaf has been added as well!

Close to Harvest
Russell and Mariann Pitt from Bundaberg will have Golden and Lebanese Zucchinis coming along soon, they are similar to an heirloom variety and will brighten up your meals.
Bonnie and Luke at Lunar Farm in Birkdale will be able to consistently supply us with Leeks in the upcoming weeks, yum!

New This Week
Zac and Anika Hayward at Spring Lake Farms in the Lockyer Valley will be supplying Snow Peas.  Originally from Perth, they have been farming for 7 years and are enjoying the challenges and rewards.

More Farmer News...

The most exciting new is Josh from Nature's Cycle is growing again!  Josh has been working passionately to build up the condition of his top soil with a resulting 1ft of bio-diverse soil.  He, Eli and partner Jamie will soon be supplying us with the Health Salad Mix that we all love and have missed.

Ian Burrows has been watching his avocados and told us that not all the Hass have sized up yet and the Sharwill pickings are getting slim.  This means that he will be supplying us with a mix of both until the Hass are ready to become the main crop.
Ian's farm is over at Mount Cotton, he is passionate about health and alternative ways we can support a healthy lifestyle.

The Hickson's are almost finished (so soon!) this is the impact from being in drought - the season and harvest quantity are reduced.  He will be supplying us with Avanas (from trees he has planted himself), they are similar to an Imperial but larger, with Honey Murcotts following along soon. The Navels will start to be replaced with Valencias over the next week, which are a great juicing orange!